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From the twenties to the fifties, the Caviar in Aquitaine was traditionally produced from a wild species of Sturgeon: the Acipenser sturio, which was caught by fishermen in the Gironde Estuary near Bordeaux. During this period, around 5 tons were yearly harvested. Nevertheless, from the fifties to the eighties, the Sturgeon population decreased dramatically until it almost disappeared.

It is with the hope of rehabilitating this species that the French Agricultural and environmental engineering research Institute (CEMAGREF) has undertaken lot of research on the Acipenser baeri, another species of sturgeon, mainly found in Siberia.

Total quality

90 years of investigation and know-how bore their fruits and allowed obtaining a control on the reproduction and breeding of these sturgeons offering you an Aquitaine caviar of exceptional quality: the caviar Royal Baïkal and the caviar Imperial Baïkal 000.

CAVIARWORLD S.L is a Spanish company, managed by of a group of people enthusiastic for this exclusive product. It has shown its interest to import and to present in Spain this first quality caviar, fresh and no pasteurized, elaborated in optimal ecological conditions and hygiene. We offer the consumers a remarkable product at a very reasonable price thanks to reduced transport expenses, a limited distribution circuit and the absence of import taxes.


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