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The ecology

Our fish breeding factory uses an environment friendly system for processing water, therefore enhancing long term development.

Indeed, the revolutionary filtration system in place allows the water that runs out of the installations to have the same biological and chemical qualities than at its entry.

Furthermore, the treatment system of the water while entering the fish farm, allows the sturgeon to benefit from the most perfect quality and purity of the breeding support.

So, this unique system is perfectly adapted to the modern challenge of the preservation of the water thanks to a closed water flue control.


Elaboration and production

The exceptional quality of Royal Baïkal and Imperial Baïkal 000 Caviars is the result of a rigorous elaboration. Each female destined for the production gets an individual follow up and tests before the crop. Its eggs are removed, measured and their firmness is appreciated. Females that would not have reached the expected quality of caviar go back into the water for a further production.

During the crop, a further control allows us to guaranty the size, the firmness and the homogeneity of the caviar. The full quality of its flavors appears after a few weeks.


How to taste the caviar Baïkal

Some preliminary advice: The caviar - being an exceptional product - has to be tasted in a luxurious atmosphere that suits the quality of this product.

Our caviar is a fresh not pasteurized product so has to be stored at a temperature comprised between 0°C and 4°C.

Remove caviar from the refrigerator 15 minutes before eating. As for the wine, it will fully express its flavor! Our caviar is best served with a cup of chilled dry champagne or iced Vodka shots.


Caviar Baïkal: A feast for the senses

Royal Baïkal and Imperial Baïkal 000 caviars are acknowledged by experts as being of high quality. In terms of grain size, color and taste, it regularly achieves the excellence of Osetra in blind tasting. Analyses carried out on the fatty acids contained in this caviar indicate that it possesses remarkable health benefits.

Vision: Perfectly round and shining grains, with a size close to the Osetra (approximately 2.7 millimeters for the Royal Baïkal Caviar and between 3 and 3,4 milimeters for the Imperial Baïkal 000 Caviar) and a color ranging from light to anthracite gray passing by gold and light brown.

Texture: With its delicate texture, rich creamy flavor, grains will roll in your mouth before exploding and liberating all of their flavors: this is the guaranty of an exceptional moment!

Taste: Baïkal caviar’s fame comes from the subtlety of its taste. With a wide range of flavors, (butter, hazelnut, underbrush…) delicately associated with a great length on the palate, the Royal Baïkal caviar will undoubtedly engrave in your memory this unforgettable moment that will make you want more!


Packaging & Distribution

After the sturgeon is captured, the caviar is immediately packed directly in the fish breeding factory following the high Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) hygiene standards. The caviar is packed, in Desjardin gold color metal boxes, by 50g, 100g, 200g and 500g for the Royal Baïkal Caviar and only by 50g and 100g and in limited quantity for the Imperial Baïkal 000 Caviar.

We sell our caviar in Spain.


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